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Just To The Cafe, Then Maybe A Mission And Totally NOT Sex After

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Mars liked mornings like this, but he would never admit it. He enjoyed sitting in the car next to Priestly, perhaps listening to Switchfoot as they drove. Their stuff would all be thrown in the back of the car, mixed with some of the hunting equipment. Mars would be leaning back in the passengers seat, staring out the window at the early morning. People were just waking up, while they were already on the road. The window would be open just enough so that he could smell the morning air, but not so much that he would get too cold. Though he typically wore a sweatshirt over his dress shirt in the mornings.

He inhaled deeply, looking out the window. There was nothing more perfect than driving like this. He was somewhat disheartened at the idea of having to stop at a cafe, but he was hungry. Priestly refused to eat at wherever place they stayed, which actually made Mars feel somewhat better. Who knows what kind of bacteria grow in the kitchens of those places?

"Priestly," he said, before he really knew what he was going to say. "...never mind," he said quickly, trying to hide his embarrassment. Remembering what he had wanted to say, he decided against it at the last minute.

I really love mornings like this, he wanted to say. But perhaps that gave the impression that he liked Priestly, which he certainly did not. In any way.


Priestly hummed along the the song on the radio and slicked back his hair, a vacant smile on his face. He had first heard this song only a few weeks ago, but he already knew the tune by heart. It was on one of Mars's Switchfoot albums; though he had never thought much of the band before, he suddenly couldn't get enough of their music.

He glanced at Mars almost sheepishly, flashing him a smile that was for once more genuine than cheesy, and turned up the radio. He could think of maybe a thousand things to say, but right now the music seemed to bridge their silence: Ah but say, I'll wave as I'm drivin' by...

The sun felt good on his exposed arms, and being next to Mars felt even better. He couldn't recall ever having felt like this about someone else before, but it was certainly exciting.

"Marsy," he said finally, as the song ended, "Anything in particular you're peckish for? I'm thinking I might skip the breakfast myself--go straight for lunch food." He chuckled and winked, hoping to get a smile out of him.


Mars glanced over at him, and for a second, he didn't answer. He just looked at Priestly. At his pretty face, at his body. He looked away again moments later, swallowing roughly. He reminded himself, for perhaps the millionth time, to not think of Priestly like that.

"I, uh, just want a burger," he replied, glancing out the window. A woman opened the door to her clothing store, which looked far too slutty for Mars's tastes. He liked modest clothes on women. So that he didn't have to see anything, ew women. "With real tomatoes, and bacon, and two burgers, and lots of cheese..."

He smiled, just thinking about it. Mars loved burgers, almost more than eggs but not quite.

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